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Cash For DVDs and CDs

It doesn’t matter what sort of music or film genre you’re into you can still make money from your DVDs and CDs. We are an online company who look to buy your unwanted products, which is ideal when you want some cash! The system uses the barcodes to assess how much your product is worth and then you just have to pop it in the post.

We’re not into secrets here at Zapper. It doesn’t matter what sort of films you’re into, what kind of music you dance around your house in your underwear to, we’ll buy it! What more could you want? Cash and less stuff in your house…more room for dancing I say.


Genre? What Genre?

Comedies, dramas, biopics, romantic comedies, thrillers – rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, classical – any genre, any time, we want you to sell DVDs and CDs to them! From Scarface to Titanic, we do not discriminate as we love all DVDs. Admittedly having a copy of Titanic 2 in your collection begs the question ‘Why do you have it in the first place?’ but even if you do, get it valued, the price we offer may surprise you!

If you are now a full time dad and the sound of AC/DC is waking your new born up at night, maybe it’s time to cash in.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Joins Remote Play

Just When You’d Seen It All

Mobile gaming has come on in leaps and bounds, from the Nokia 3210 cult classic ‘Snake’ to the world of 3D games! Granted, many phones have the ability to play the newest generation of games out there but can you play your PS4 games, with the controller through your mobile? The Xperia Z3 now can!

Remote Play allows you to stream the PS4 quality games via wifi straight to your handheld device. This can mean you never have to leave your console – even if you pop to the front door to check the post.

No longer will their there be arguments with friends over split screens on multiplayer. If you do have a feud, you can move to the next room and continue playing there and that way everyone can stay happy. The controller’s dual shock capabilities still work and the mobile phone is locked securely to the handset so it doesn’t fling off during an intense battle. However, losing your temper when getting beat and throwing your controller at the wall in frustration will have much more expensive consequences…. and you won’t be able to call anyone for a while.

As Remote Play still connects to the console and the attached screen is only essentially a monitor, the user can still play their favourite games in the highest quality.


For more information on the Remote Play visit the official page at

If this article has inspired you to upgrade your console and want to sell your old games, send them to us. The extra cash may just buy that new Xperia Z3 you want….

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Announced

The Second Avengers Movie

Did anyone see the first Avengers movie?…. Wow, what a film! Previous Marvel films such as Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk set the stage for an epic collaboration, of which, did not disappoint at a gross of nearly $1.5bn worldwide ( The new film is surely aiming to set new records as fans of the first movie gear up for the next.

The trailer was broadcast after the new ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ episode on ABC Tuesday. It is said that this will have more special effects than any other Marvel movie to date, superseding that of the first movie in which I recall an entire city nearly entirely reduced to rubble, begging the question – how could they possibly top that?!

View the teaser on YouTube at


Highest Grossing Movies

The top highest grossing movies to date are Avatar, Titanic then The Avengers. The budgets for each of these movies exceed $200 million, giving an idea on the scale of the production. Avatar and The Avengers were heavily dependent on CGI accounting for a considerable chunk of their budget although James Cameron practically built a life size replica of the original ship.

We look forward to seeing more updates on the development of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and will keep you all up to date.


If you have any DVDs to sell in the meantime, give us a shout!

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Apple Break £110bn in Revenue

The Super Organisation Which is Apple

Looks like Apple are at it again, making waves in the eyes of Samsung and Windows by announcing the £110bn yearly revenue promoted heavily by the launch of the iPhone 6, despite only being released 10 days before the figures were collected.

Apple got off to a shaky start on the first release with a social media craze of ‘Bending Your iPhone 6’, bringing the hashtag #bendgate to light, giving the Apple PR team a run for their money. This was merely a drop in the ocean as the new figures suggest.

The CEO replacement for Steve Jobs; Tim Cook stated that “These iPhones have become the fastest-selling iPhones in history. And the first 30 days we have set a new high-water mark for the most orders taken. And I don’t mean by a little. By a lot, a whole lot.” The news reports outside the store on the release of the iPhone 6 indicate the passion many of loyal Apple users as they queue around the block for a product. Many will know little about the differences between the most recent iPhone and the 5S but put their faith in the brand that Apple will deliver a high quality product which exceeds expectations.


The Apple brand has taken the world by storm, being listed as the highest valued brand in the world (, followed by Microsoft in a distant second place. Integrating all Apple services with each other and excluding compatibility with other branded devices opens up the window for extraordinary cross-selling abilities, not to mention leaving the competitors sat around scratching their heads.


If you are like many of the Apple enthusiasts, have upgraded to the new model and now want to sell your iPhone 5, click the link and get a free valuation.


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Schools Move From Books To Computers

What’s Going On?

Media Centres around Monroe County hit the news this week with their transition from books you can smell and feel, to an online, virtual version. The introduction is welcomed by some and rejected by others – such is life!

When I was a kid, the most advanced computer around was a device which could hold 100mb of storage connected to a monitor the size of a household bin. There was no wonder we were always playing outside. As technology advances, children stay indoors more – glued to their Smart Devices and communicating with each other through social media platforms.

As gaming and communication has moved this way, there is no surprise the education system isn’t far behind. The fact of the matter is, technology makes life easier for people, allowing exactly the same content from a 1000 page textbook to be used on the very same phone/tablet which is sat in your pocket. Ebooks are a fraction of the price of normal books, much easier to transport and can be stored along with an infinite others in the same location.

Food For Thought

This is not by all means a bad thing as the common trend is ‘information at your fingertips’. 20 years ago, researching was a 10 minute bus trip to the library, grabbing a coffee and taking notes onto a scrap piece of paper. Nowadays, all this could be done from your pajamas whilst still in bed (coffee optional). We can move with the times or live in the past. Change is progress but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a bit of tradition.

What do you think?

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Tetris The Movie Commissioned

zapper books

New Tetris Movie

Tetris fans look out because the 80’s Nintendo Game Boy classic is back and in action with a brand new movie. It is promising to be an ‘epic sci-fi story’ according to Threshold Entertainment which won’t just be ‘sticks and lines’. One could only imagine how a game without characters could be anything but sticks and lines but nevertheless, it is keeping all of us here at Zapper on the edge of our seats! If Lego can do it, why not Tetris is the philosophy we’re going with.

A Success?

This is sure to work up a storm in the public eye as Tetris crazed fans will be going wild. Marvel have proven that a blast (or several blasts) from the past have a great track record for successful movies, with The Avengers grossing $600 million! Iron Man, Captain America and Thor may have the edge over Stick and Block Man (we assume this will be the characters) but hey, let’s give it a chance.
The plans to create Tetris The Movie begs the question of a re-launch of the game, after all, most blockbuster movies look to milk the revenue stream through creating a game, let alone being based on one.

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How It Works

New Zapper Video

Still confused how our service works? Hopefully not but if you are here’s a run down of how to use the service.

Step 1
Value – Click on the type of item you wish to sell and either enter the barcode or pick from the items in the list. You can make this process even faster if you have a Smartphone by downloading our app at either iTunes for IOS or Play Store for Android.

Step 2
Once you have finished adding items to your list, pack your items, attach the free shipping label we have sent you and drop it off at your local Collect+ point, there are 5,000 destinations nationwide so pick the one nearest to you.

Step 3
Once we have processed your order we will send you your payment via either PayPal or cheque. It really is that simple.

If you’re already a pro, start selling today at

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